Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mixed Media Collage

Once a year Create in Irvine, gives a wide range of art classes days and evenings for 4 days. Last week I took a class with Chris Cozen on how to create a deeply layered collage.  Chris taught us to use a variety of mostly handmade papers and some fibers, that we tear and adhere to our canvas with matte medium to block out the colors and shapes for our piece. After that part is done, we then used acrylic paint, adding glaze to lengthen the time the paint remains wet and workable. Chris is a very knowledgeable and good teacher and I learned a lot from her. This collage is from a photograph I took while in Ketchikan, Alaska. It now resides (temporarily I hope!) in my space at The Word is ART Gallery.

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  1. Hi Lisa! :) This is beautiful! I love how you made the bridge...I peeked in at your work at The Gallery. Your bunny paintings are just too precious, and the painting of the two girls is sooo gorgeous... and your jewelry is lovely as well. I loved it all! xo


Thank you for taking a look. I appreciate your comments!