Monday, February 11, 2013


I've been so busy, both with calligraphy work and doing art for the gallery, I haven't shown you my new paintings! My challenge has been to communicate emotion through my paintings. As a relatively new painter, maybe this is just part of the exploration. I was whining to a friend about how I was stuck...okay, I was crying in frustration. She told me to hang up and paint. Boy was that good advice. This is probably my most emotive painting yet. In fact it sold the night of my gallery event on February 2nd!

This one started out as a woman floating and reaching towards the stars. It was meant to be ethereal. Well after three hours of working on it, it didn't look at all as I had intended so I took a tube of blue acrylic paint and squeezed it over the canvas. I then took a paper towel and smeared it into the canvas. The effect was pretty textural and interesting. I proceeded to use various colors and paper towels and sponges to create this piece. No brush used at all. Not very environmentally sound, but I do like the final painting.

Since the theme in the window was loosely related to Valentine's Day, or more generally about love, all kinds of love, my idea here was to make it look a bit like an old Valentine's postcard.

For this mixed media piece, I used and 8 x 8 wood board. I applied a few colors of acrylic paint, used a few rubber stamps and the very top layer of a decorative napkin for texture. The verbiage was composed by my friend Bill since this is a gift he is giving his wife for Valentine's Day.

This is another 8x8 on wood with the same materials and techniques as the painting above.

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