Saturday, July 14, 2012


A friend and favorite client of mine, was asked to contribute a piece of fabric to be incorporated into the chuppah for an upcoming wedding. Janis came to me to letter this quote onto a handkerchief that she provided. It's fourteen inches square and very thin. I went to the art store to get fabric markers, but they didn't have the calligraphy tip that I wanted. I bought several pens and thankfully one of them worked without bleeding ~ the Marvy calligraphy marker. I sketched out the quote on tissue paper then using my light box, tautly taped the handkerchief over the layout and did my writing. I had to work fast to prevent any bleeding so it would have been better in the end to use a fabric marker. I'm just happy Janis liked it and hope the bride and groom do, too!


  1. It's just beautiful, Lisa. I love all your pretty swirly embellishments! xo Paulette :)

  2. Just beautiful! Such an adventure, too!

  3. I just found out that the bride and groom are making this the center piece of their chuppah : )


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