Monday, April 25, 2011

Yin Yang

A friend of mind, Raphael Natale, was attending a networking group and asked me to do a mask for him using his words that represent his behavior modification model. (He does great work, check it out!). I bought a white plastic mask and was originally going to color the black side and then letter directly onto the mask. When I realized the mask surface was all curves I was concerned the lettering may not come out well. I decided to use torn bits of japanese papers to define the white and black sides of the mask. I then did the lettering by hand and scanned it. I printed the black lettering on white, then did a reverse in photoshop to make the white letters on the black background. I then tore the words out of the sheet and decoupaged them onto the mask. It was a bigger project then I had expected but I had such fun doing it! Raphael loved it and will continue to use it for his seminars.