Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trunk Show

This is an invitation I did for a trunk show I'm doing with a couple of friends in November. The flourishes in the corners are swashes from the Bickham typeface, Trunk Show is hand lettered, as well as the envelopes, and the rest is typeset.

I'm planning to make some little accordian books with quotes, some holiday greetings and some messages of love. You can see a sample here . I'm also going to make some jewelry which I've got a few samples of below.

This first one and the bracelet below are using jumbo ball chains which I think are so fun.
On this necklace all the charms are sterling silver except for the center heart which is pewter.

I did this necklace with a much smaller ball chain that's been doubled. Some of the pieces are sterling silver, a couple are marquesite, one brass, and I'm not sure what the center heart is made from.

And this is one of my charm bracelets which is a combination of materials.


  1. Beautiful Lisa! Your talent knows no boundaries. Best wishes for a terrific show.

  2. ahhh Lisa, your jewelry is wonderful!! Your trun show sounds like so much fun too. At a trunk show, do you sell your things? or are people just able to enjoy? I would really be interested in one of your accordian books, I am a huge fan of your amazing lettering. Thank you for the kind comments you left on my blog, it really meant a lot!!

    xx Rena

  3. Ah, thanks Jane!
    Rena, the trunk show is a sale and hopefully people will buy some of my little goodies! When I do some of the accordian books I'll post a few so if you want to buy one, just let me know : )

  4. Absolutely beautiful work, Lisa!!! I love the invitation! Such elegant design. And best wishes on your trunk show. I sure do wish I lived closer to CA because I'd come in a heartbeat. :-)


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