Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ring Pillow

Here's a new twist on a ring pillow and leave it to creative Jo Gartin of
Love Luck and Angels to come up with this idea.
I used acrylic paint and a brush to letter on this rough piece of wood. The rings will be tied to this eight inch wide slice of wood with ribbon.


  1. What a novel idea. Your lettering looks wonderful on it. I have wondered how to letter on wood. Years ago someone asked me to put their children's names on the handle of Easter baskets - but the ink wanted to spread as it soaked into the wood. Nice to know that you can letter with acrylic.

  2. Thanks Claire. I was afraid the wood might soak up the paint or that it would bleed, but it worked out okay. The roughness of the wood was tricky though, so my lines aren't as solid as I would've liked.

  3. Looks like you've been busy over the last few months Lisa. Great to catch up on your work. It's gorgeous as usual

  4. What a creative idea! And what nice lettering! I love it!

  5. oh my gosh......lettering on wood?!! yikes!!! wow, this is a first!! you did a GORGEOUS job, lisa!! xox, :)))

  6. Hi Lisa!
    I will post some Copperplate. I really had to completely relearn since I took all the other classes rather than Engrossers Script at IAMPETH. I have been watching Joe Vitolo videos on the IAMPATH website and it has helped so much, probably even better than at the convention. I have so enjoyed practicing the letterforms because it takes my mind off the itching and it is very calming. I think when it;s time for the envelopes it might even be fun. I think it will. I just got some Leonardt Principal nibs and they might be my favorite. I was using 303 --but I like those too. I might use both. 303 is more flexible as you probably know. What do you use?


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