Friday, September 10, 2010

Martha Stewart Weddings

I just picked up the Fall issue of Martha Stewart
to check out my work that was published.
They published
a photo of a seating card and
envelope in my calligraphy.
The stationery designs
shown here are by Sugar Paper I've got a picture of
the cover on the right. It's always very
exciting to be published!


  1. Congratulations, Lisa!!! It's so nice to see your hard work rewarded!! Can yiou post a pic from the magazine here?

  2. Oh Lisa, congratulations!!! They are absolutely beautiful and I am SO excited for you!!!!!

  3. SO happy to see your gorgeous lettering gracing the pages of this beautiful magazine!! and as martha stewart herself would say "it's a really GOOD thing"!!!! xox, :)))))

  4. Very nice! Being published is always good!!

  5. WOW !!!! Congratulations. It's one thing to know you will be published it's another to see your work in print. You so deserve the recognition. We have all known you are great for a long time, now the world will know. Congratulations again... You are wonderful.

  6. Woohooo!! Congrats Lisa! Fabulous script!

  7. This is fantastic news!!! So proud of you!


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