Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunshine Award

Pam Johnson Brickell just gave me this award for creativity and positivity in blogging! Pam does absolutely amazing paintings and wonderful lettering in her nature journaling. Thanks so much Pam for the award and for always being so supportive!

Now I get to pass the award on to twelve people. Very tough to choose, but here we go.
The people below always inspire me.

Jane Farr
Julie Haymaker Thompson
Gina Lee Kim
Tammie Lee
Martha Lever
Angela Negro
Silke Powers
Paulette Racanelli
Renee Troy
Lori Vliegen
and finally, brand new to blogging, a great writer with a quirky perspective,
Mark Anderson


  1. You deserve it , Lisa!! Congrats!!

  2. Your welcome!! This is so much fun letting fellow bloggers know how much you enjoy their creations :)

  3. Hello Lisa,

    First of all Congratulations on your award. Your art is fun and inspiring. I love your unique style!
    I look forward to visiting the blog friends you have listed above and I also thank you for appreciating what I share. Warm hug,

  4. Lisa - you are my calligraphy idol and I am the one gaining your award! Why Merci so much!! You've just brought some sunshine to my otherwise rainy day ;-)

  5. thank you SO much for thinking of me, lisa!! i'm honored to be included amongst such a wonderful group of artists!! you have made my day......and you always add sunshine and inspiration!!! xoxo, :))

  6. I'm so honored. Thank you Lisa....you inspired us all today.

  7. You've made my heart sing this morning! Thank you Lisa for the honor. I'm always inspired by both your talent and your kindness.
    Pam's journal pages are wonderful, and I love that she adds beautiful lettering to them.

  8. Thank you very much! Talk about inspiration, you are mine!!! Thank you very much!

  9. Congrats on the award! Its always to nice to know others are thinking of you :)

  10. Hi Lisa,
    Congrats on your award! I am always inspired by your postings.
    Have a great day!

  11. Hi Lisa! Woweeeeee!!! Congratulations on receiving this beautiful award, and for including me in with this lovely bunch of people you're passing it to! I'm very honored, and YOU MADE MY DAY!!! HaPpY dAnCe, HaPpY dAnCe!!!! Sending a big hug! xoxo Paulette ;)


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