Thursday, August 6, 2009


Usually I just post artwork or calligraphy, but I couldn't resist sharing some pictures from my recent trip to Alaska. It was so beautiful! And, after all, my blog is titled Art, Lettering and Life! So this was my life last week.
On our way to Skagway, there were many waterfalls we could see from the ship.


  1. Lisa, these photos are gorgeous! Alaska is one place I've been wanting to visit. Looks like you have had a wonderful time... :) Silke

  2. it looks like you had a fabulous trip! my son's girlfriend grew up in alaska....she said it's beautiful there, but got tired of the very long and dark winters, so came to florida to go to college! also, your baby announcement is BEYOND cute!!! what gorgeous, gorgeous lettering!! :)

  3. Awestruck is right. Your pictures gorgeously capture the amazing and sharp beauty of the area. Want to be there now! Love ya, DV (I don't know what "select profile" refers to...)


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